Certified Tree Farm

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  • Farm open for pick up of meat orders weekends only 11am-1pm
  • Poultry -2014 Chickens available whole or cut up limited supply
  • call in your order jennifer@ladyfarmer.com pick up at the farm!

    Payable by cash or check made out to Jennifer Mayo.

    Meat is frozen Prices are per pound If a product is not available it will be marked SOLD OUT

    Beef NH Raised Grassfed Beef SOLD OUT until Spring 2015

    PORK Whole & half pigs available limited supply or by the package

    Grnd Hamburger (grass-fed) 1+lb. pkgs. $8

    Ground Sausage Sweet Italian sold out, Hot Italian sold out, Breakfast sold out 1+# pkgs. $8.00

    Bacon $9.00 Sold out supply

    Stew meat lb. pkgs. $8.00 SOLD OUT

    Ground pork $8.00 SOLD OUT

    Delmonico $22.00

    Chops (Ctr Cut) $8.00

    NY Sirloin /$15.00 SOLD OUT

    Fresh Pork Shoulders $8.50(pulled pork)

    Porterhouse $15.00

    Fresh Ham steaks & Hams $5.00 sold out

    Tenderloin $25.00

    Smoked Holiday Hams SOLD OUT $5/lb ; Ham Steaks $5.75

    T-Bone $15.00

    Rack of Ribs $10.00

    Pork Tenderloin $22 per lb

    Brisket/Flank Steak $15.00

    Pork Loin Roast $10.00 sold out

    Country Style Spare Ribs boneless $8.50

    Pork Liver $5.00

    Short Ribs $5.00

    Farm Raised Natural Turkeys SOLD OUT

    Heart/Tongue $5.00 SOLD OUT

    Farm Raised Natural Chickens reservations available for spring 2015

    Beef Soup Bone $5.00 SOLD OUT

    Chicken available Whole Frozen $5.50/lb avg 6.5-10lbs<>



    A marketing collaborative of NH women & natural growers


    Collaboration to get us all New Englandís Best!

    Prices effective 2015/B> (prices are subject to change based on availability)